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The Olympic Taekwondo event ended with a perfect Chinese team

Release time: 2012/8 / 13Views : 781 times

With the slowly extinguishing of the Olympic flame, the 2012 London Olympics also perfectly completed its 15-day journey, and the Taekwondo project also provided a wonderful performance for this competition.

The Olympic Taekwondo competition can be described as the most exciting ever. China, Korea, Britain, Spain and other countries have provided fans with a gorgeous visual feast. And this time the performance of the Chinese team can also be called the best in the past. Following the 2008 Beijing Olympics, our teenagers performed a wonderful performance again. The three athletes who played on behalf of China returned without a hit.

As the champion of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Wu Jingyu's trip to London has been given great popularity by domestic taekwondo enthusiasts, and is one of the most popular titles to win the championship. In the interview before the match, Wu Jingyu has said that there is not much pressure on this, and she just hopes to show her full strength. Having said that, Wu Jingyu relied on her outstanding strength to clear up all the obstacles that prevented her from moving forward, winning the championship again, and successfully defending the title at the 49kg level. At this point, in the 2006 Asian Games , the 2007 World Championships, the 2008 Olympic Games, the 2010 Asian Championships, the 2011 World Championships, and the 2012 Olympic Games, Wu Jingyu has completed her career super slam. And Wu Jingyu's 4 games this time also performed very easily, both of which beat the opponent by a large score. Facing Spanish veteran Brigitte in the final, she also took the initiative to attack, making it impossible for her opponents to counterattack and easily win the championship medal.

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Tae Kwon Do Women ’s 49KG Wu Jingyu in the 2012 London Olympics

In addition to Wu Jingyu, No. 2 seed player Hou Yuzhuo in this competition also performed well. She won a silver medal for the first time in the Olympic Games, which is not easy. The Taekwondo teenager from Hebei represented the team in the women's 57kg competition. Earlier, she won the two World Championships in 2009 and 2011, and this competition has been given great popularity. In the game, Hou Yuzhuo passed the challenge and easily reached the final. And her opponent in the final was host Jones. Before the two of them had confrontation, Hou Yuzhuo won. This time, it may be the reason for fighting at the door. Jones' performance was extremely fierce. At 4: 6, Hou Yuzhuo finally passed the gold medal with regret. But it was not easy for her to make such an outstanding achievement in her first Olympic Games.

Olympic Taekwondo project ended with perfect ending

Tae Kwon Do Women's 57kg Finals at the 2012 London Olympics

If it is inevitable that Wu Jingyu and Hou Yuzhuo can obtain medals, then for Liu Xiaobo who won the bronze medal in this competition, it is really exchanged for strength and sweat. I have to admit that in the Taekwondo project, the strength of the men's team is slightly inferior to that of the women's team, and in the world-class competition, it is difficult for the Chinese men's team to obtain a place. In the eight-for-four game of the Olympic Games, Liu Xiaobo lost his opponents in overtime. Since the Italian opponent finally broke into the final, Liu Xiaobo also ushered in the resurrection match yesterday. As a result, he seized the opportunity and won the bronze medal competition Qualifications. In the end, Liu Xiaobo defeated the Turkish opponent 3-2 to win the bronze medal. "This medal is really very important to me and it is the reward of my many years of Taekwondo career," Liu Xiaobo said. This bronze medal also made up for Liu Xiaobo's four years of regret. Last time in Beijing, he finished fifth.

Olympic Taekwondo project ended with perfect ending

2012 London Olympics men + 80KG Liu Xiaobo won precious bronze medal

Faced with such brilliant achievements, we have enough reasons to believe that China's Taekwondo will have a brighter future. More and more lovers will join the Taekwondo family. Among them, there are many skilled people and better tomorrow. Star is about to grow. To this end, we will do everything to meet new challenges!

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