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Kazakhstan Association "Tenth Anniversary Celebration Cup" Taekwondo International Open

Release time: 2018/8 / 10Views : 652

Kazakhstan Association "Tenth Anniversary Celebration Cup" Taekwondo International Open

    2018 8 3 日— 5 日,在黑龙江大学体育馆举行。 Supported and guided by the Harbin Sports Federation, hosted by the Harbin Taekwondo Association, co-organized by Heilongjiang University, Harbin Institute of Physical Education, Harbin Xiangfang Culture and Sports Bureau, Harbin Eleventh Middle School, and the Taekwondo International Opening Ceremony The match was held at the Heilongjiang University Gymnasium from August 3rd to 5th , 2018 . 自2008年成立至今,共举办20多次国际国内赛事,旨在增进国际、国内友好城市文化体育交流,宣传哈尔滨体育文化,推动哈尔滨市旅游事业的发展。 Since its establishment in 2008, Harbin Taekwondo Association has held more than 20 international and domestic competitions, which aims to promote international and domestic friendship city cultural and sports exchanges, promote Harbin sports culture, and promote the development of tourism in Harbin. The opening ceremony of this competition specially invited Taekwondo Performance Demonstration Troupe of Daqing University in Korea. The characteristics of this competition include a wide range of ages and multiple projects. It has both skill competition and fun sports. The parent-child competition can better reflect the family's awareness of participating in sports and fitness. 363 个小项的比赛。 The competition consists of seven major events: athletics, competition, e-sports, stunts, breakouts, taekwondo, and foot fighters. They are divided into baby group, toddler group, children group, children group 2, children group, juvenile group, youth group, youth Groups, parent-child groups and other nine groups, at the same time set up 363 small events.

The competition involved 100 teams and more than 1,600 athletes from Japan, the United States, Liaoning, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang and other regions. They will play nearly 2,600 games in three days of competition and decide 363 championships.

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