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Rules of the 35th China Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival Taekwondo International Open

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The 35th China Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival "xxx Cup" Taekwondo International Open

Competition rules

哈尔滨市体育总会 I. Supporting unit: Harbin Sports Federation

哈尔滨市跆拳道协会 Organizer: Harbin Taekwondo Association

黑龙江大学 Co-organizer: Heilongjiang University

Harbin Institute of Physical Education

Culture and Sports Bureau of Xiangfang District, Harbin

Harbin Eleventh Middle School

Harbin TV Life Channel "Sports Star Power"

Heilongjiang Sports Industry Academic Exchange Base
4. Venue: Heilongjiang University Gymnasium
V. Competition time: January 18th to 20th, 2019 (weighing in the morning on January 18th, some project competitions in the afternoon, late opening ceremony)
Participation requirements
(1) participating teams, Taekwondo associations, schools, gymnasiums and martial arts schools of various countries, provinces and cities
(2) Domestic athletes are individual members of the Chinese Taekwondo Association;
(3) Domestic athletes must hold a grade or grade certificate issued by the Chinese Tae Association.
7. Competition categories and projects
(A) project settings
1.Potential competitions (including individual, group and parent-child competitions, king of kings)
2. Competitive games (including individual and team matches, king of kings)



(II) Competition category and content
1. Personal competition: Divide into male and female groups (less than three people in each group will be merged into one group)
(1) Baby group (male and female): born after January 1, 2013

(2) Infant group (male and female): born between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012

(3) Children (male and female): born between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2011

(4) Children group two (male and female): born between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2009
(5) Children's group (male and female): born between January 1, 2006 and December 31, 2007
(6) Junior group (male and female): born between January 1, 2004 and December 31, 2005
(7) Youth group (male, female): born between January 1, 2002 and December 31, 2003

(8) Youth group (male and female): born before December 31, 2001

Beginner: Level 9-Level 6 Intermediate: Level 5 to Level 3 Advanced: Level 2 to Level 1

Grade and grade: one grade or more (the grade and grade certificate must be approved by the China Taek Association)

Age group

Designated competition style

Baby group

Beginner: One Chapter, Intermediate: Four Chapters, Advanced: Seven Chapters

Infant group

Beginner: One Chapter, Intermediate: Four Chapters, Advanced: Seven Chapters

Children group

Beginner: Two chapters, Intermediate: Five chapters, Advanced: Eight chapters, Taste: Korea

Children two

Beginner: Three chapters, Intermediate: Six chapters, Advanced: Eight chapters, Taste: Korea

Children's group

Beginner: Three Chapters, Intermediate: Six Chapters, Advanced: Eight Chapters, Taste: Korea

Junior group

Grade: Eight chapters, Grade: King Kong

Youth group

Too white

Youth group


Parent-child group

Three chapters

Less than 3 people in each category will cancel the competition or merge the categories and levels. After the merger, the combined category will be the main competition.

2. Team competition (can be mixed for men and women)
(1) Infant group: born between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012

(2) Children: born between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2011

(3) Children group two: born between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2009
(4) Children group: born between January 1, 2006 and December 31, 2007
(5) Juvenile group: born between January 1, 2004 and December 31, 2005
(6) Youth group: born between January 1, 2002 and December 31, 2003



Designated competition style

Infant group

Three chapters

Children group

Five chapters

Children two

Six chapters

Children's group

Chapter Eight

Junior group


Youth group

King Kong

For groups with less than 3 groups in each group, the competition is cancelled or the group is merged. After the merger, the combined group will be the main competition.

、竞技比赛: 3. Competitive games:

(If there are less than three players in each level, they will be merged to the next level.)

2013 1 1 日以后出生 Baby group: born after January 1 , 2013

Men: 18kg, 21kg, 24kg, 27kg, 30kg, 33kg, 36kg, + 36kg

Women: 18kg, 21kg, 24kg, 27kg, 30kg, 33kg, 36kg, + 36kg

2012 1 1 日至 2012 12 31 Infant group: January 1 , 2012 to December 31 , 2012

Men: 18kg, 20kg, 23kg, 26kg, 29kg, 32kg, 35kg, 38kg, 41kg, + 41kg

Women: 18kg, 20kg, 23kg, 26kg, 29kg, 32kg, 35kg, 38kg, 41kg, + 41kg

儿童一组: 2010 1 1 日至 2011 12 31 日间出生 (3) Children: born between January 1 , 2010 and December 31 , 2011


21kg, 24kg, 27kg, 30kg, 33kg, 36kg, 39kg, 42kg, 45kg, 48kg, + 48kg


20kg, 22kg, 25kg, 28kg, 31kg, 34kg, 37kg, 40kg, 43kg, 46kg, + 46kg

儿童二组 2008 1 1 日至 2009 12 31 日间出生 (4) Children group two : born between January 1 , 2008 and December 31 , 2009


25kg, 28kg, 31kg, 34kg, 37kg, 40kg, 43kg, 46kg, 49kg, 52kg, + 52kg


22kg, 25kg, 28kg, 31kg, 34kg, 37kg, 40kg, 43kg, 46kg, 49kg, + 49kg

少儿组: 2006 1 1 日至 2007 12 31 日间出生 (5) Children group: born between January 1 , 2006 and December 31 , 2007

32kg, 35Kg, 38Kg, 41kg, 44kg, 47kg, 50kg, 53kg, 56kg, 59kg, + 59kg

27kg, 30Kg, 33Kg, 36Kg, 39kg, 42kg, 45kg, 48kg, 51kg, 54kg, + 54kg

少年组: 2004 1 1 日至 2005 12 31 日间出生 (6) Junior group: born between January 1 , 2004 and December 31 , 2005

39kg、42kg、45kg、48kg、51kg、54kg、57kg、60kg、63kg、66kg、70kg、+70kg Men: 39kg, 42kg, 45kg, 48kg, 51kg, 54kg, 57kg, 60kg, 63kg, 66kg, 70kg, + 70kg

Women: 34kg, 37kg, 40kg, 43kg, 46kg, 49kg, 52kg, 55kg, 58kg, 61kg, 64kg, + 64kg

少年组: 2002年 1 1 日至 2003 12 31 日间出男子:55kg、59kg、63kg、68kg、73kg、 (7) Youth group: From January 1 , 2002 to December 31 , 2003 Men: 55kg, 59kg, 63kg, 68kg, 73kg,

Women: 49kg, 52kg, 55kg, 59kg, 63kg,

青年组: 2001年 12 31 日以前出生 (8) Youth group: born before December 31 , 2001

Men: 59kg, 63kg, 68kg, 73kg, 78kg,

Women: 52kg, 55kg, 59kg, 63kg, 68kg,

Team sports:

Entry method:

(1) There are 3 players in each team. Do not mix and match. The game is divided into the first and second half, 3 minutes in the first half, 1 minute break between games, 1 minute in each game in the first half. No breaks between rounds. In the second half of the 2 minute game, melee players are free to play and can apply to replace any player at any time.

(2) If any player from one side is absent from the competition, 10 points will be added to the opponent.

(3) Single defeat elimination system, the team with the highest total score in the whole game wins. In a draw, the three athletes who weighed less in total were the winners.

(4) Weighing determines the appearance order.

man    (每级别各一人) Group of children: 27kg, 30kg, 33kg (one person per level)

(每级别各一人) Men's two children: 31kg, 34kg, 37kg (one for each level)

(每级别各一人) Men's Junior: 35Kg, 38Kg, 41kg (one for each level)

woman    (每级别各一人) Group of children: 22kg, 5kg, 28kg (one per level)

(每级别各一人) Women's two children: 31kg, 34kg, 37kg (one for each level)

、特技: (特技和击破合设团体总分前三名) 5. Stunts: (Top 3 in the total score of stunts and smash team)

Regardless of male or female age group: children group, children group 2, children group, juvenile group, youth group,

综合特技: 5.1 Comprehensive stunts:

(1) The specified time for this game is 3 minutes. Break 5-10 boards and deduct 0.3 for every 10 seconds.

(2) The action must be vacated or rotated (both feet must be off the ground).

(3) The competition uses the uniform board provided by the conference, and the number of supporting personnel is unlimited.

(4) The competition actions are four optional actions. The content of the competition must be submitted before the leader meeting, and cannot be changed after submission.

单项特技: 5.2 Single stunts:

King of heights: jump on kick

The result of the competition is the difference between the break height and the athlete's height, and there are no obstacles and no pedals. (Preliminaries and finals, the preliminaries height is set to 10-30 cm for the height of the athletes according to the competition group. After the preliminaries are broken, the top eight can enter the finals. The height can be selected on the basis of not less than the preliminaries. The success of the smashing can continue to increase Height, increase by at least 5 cm each time; the start password issued by the referee is the start of the game, the game time is 1 minute, each person has two opportunities per round within 1 minute, if they are broken once, they will succeed, and if they are not broken, they will fail; Falling to the ground after a breach is an offence, regardless of whether or not it is broken; timeout is an offence.)

击破: 6. Break:

Regardless of gender, age group: children's group, juvenile group, youth group,

(1) Forehand punch is required to break the required action in this match;

(2) The broken objects are special acrylic tiles for Taekwondo, provided by the organizing committee;

(3) Players must complete the action within 20 seconds of the referee's strength after playing;

(4) Three rounds of competition will be held for each group.

(5) If the ranking is not decided after three rounds, if there are athletes who report the number of breaks, the ranking will be decided according to the final number;

(6) When broken, no part of the body except the feet is allowed to touch the ground, otherwise it is considered a foul.

跆拳舞: 7 , Taekwondo:

(1) It is divided into three groups: infant group, child group and adolescent group (groups are determined by the maximum age of participants);

(2) 5-10 people per team, no less than 5;

(3) Each set of action time shall not exceed 3 minutes and 30 seconds, and points will be deducted after a timeout of 10 seconds;

(4) Submit a performance U disk when registering, and keep a backup disk;

(5) After completing all actions, the athletes can only leave the court after waiting for the referee to show the total points in the designated area;

(6) More than 80% of Taekwondo technical movements should be included in the action arrangement. At least two sets of acrobatic movements are required in the movement. Taekwondo sports styles and forms other than the World Taekwondo (WTF) must not appear. In particular, scenario props can be used. And decorations, but the consent of the organizing committee technical committee must be obtained before the competition;

(7) Taekwondo competitions allow special design of daofu to enhance performance under the premise of submitting and submitting drawings in advance. At the same time, it is advocating and supporting the healthy and perfect premise for the contestants to perform appropriate image stage design such as makeup, The implementation of the hair design is done by the participating teams.

Eight, competition methods

采用国家体育总局最新审定的《跆拳道竞赛规则》。 1. Adopt the "Taekwondo Competition Rules" newly approved by the State General Administration of Sports.

人一组比赛,不足三人合组。 2. Number of participants: There is no limit to the number of participants in each group of each event. There are 8 people in a group and less than 3 people in a group. 王中王 总决赛,冠军获得 王中王 奖杯 The first place in each group is eligible to participate in the Wang Zhongwang finals, and the champion wins the Wang Zhongwang trophy .

品势比赛采用PK淘汰, 参加比赛者必须穿品势道服。 3. The PK competition is eliminated in the competition . Participants must wear uniforms.

4. The competitive system adopts the elimination system. When the two games are tied, the body weight is weighed on the spot, and the lighter is the winner.

体重没有浮动,称重不合格和报组别级别不符,须交纳50元更改级别或组别费用 5. The lottery and weighing are performed the day before the match. The weight does not fluctuate. If the weighing is unqualified and the group level is not the same, a fee of 50 yuan to change the level or group must be paid .

6. There are two rounds of competitions in the baby group, toddler group, and children's group. Each round takes 1 minute with a half-minute break. The other rounds of competitions in the other groups have 1 minute 30 seconds and a half-minute break.

7, Wang Zhongwang competitions: baby group, toddler group, children's group competition two rounds, each minute 1 minute 30 seconds, half a minute rest. The other groups of two competitions, two minutes each round, half a minute rest.

8. Participating athletes must prepare road clothes, crotch guards, arm guards, leg guards, hand guards, and tooth guards; in the competition, children above the group must wear tooth guards (including the child group). The competition uses uniforms of Harta-Thai brand protective gear, which can be carried by the brand.
9. All logos on the athlete ’s uniform must be reviewed and approved by the competition committee before being used (unified white).

Nine, admission rankings and rewards
(1) Admission to the top eight of each competition, the top three have medals and certificates, the first prize certificate folder. The king won the first prize.

(2) Set up the total score of the competitive team (top three), the total score of the team (top three), the stunt and break team total score (top three) and the group total score (top three) ), Awarded a trophy.

(3) 1. For individual events, the top 3 points will be 4, 2, and 1 or more points in total. Team character, team competition, double score, king of kings.

2. Taekwondo does not count the total score.

3, the first three taekwondo trophies.

凡参赛人数满10人颁发精英战队奖杯一个。 4. An elite team trophy will be awarded for every 10 participants.

5. One outstanding team trophy will be awarded for every 20 participants.

6. An extraordinary team trophy will be awarded for every 30 participants.

凡参赛人数满50人,颁发高1.2米四柱卓越战队奖杯一个。 7. For each contestant with over 50 participants, a 1.2-meter-tall four-post excellent team trophy will be awarded.
设“优秀裁判员奖”,由裁判组评出,授予证书。 (4) Set up the "Excellent Referee Award", which will be judged by the referee team and awarded a certificate.

(5) Set up the "Excellent Coach Award", which will be judged by the conference and awarded a certificate.

X. Referees
The technical representatives, the chief referee and some referees of this competition are selected by the contest organizer. A public Taekwondo referee training class is held before the match. The referees are composed of some students from the referee study class.

11. Registration and Registration
http://enroll.grtywh.com/index/login/index.html (A) Registration: Register online at http://enroll.grtywh.com/index/login/index.html . Closed on December 20, 2018, registration is closed. The registration fee and insurance fee shall be handed over to the organizer, otherwise the registration will not take effect.

办理参赛证。 1. The team leader, coach, and athlete will send a standard one-inch photo or an electronic version of the photo to apply for the entry certificate.

2. The number of coaches leading the team: 10 people can report to the coach and the team leader, for each additional 10 people, a coach can be added, and so on.

3. Athletes in this competition participate in the membership of the Chinese Taekwondo Association.

4. The registration fee and insurance fee are remitted to: ICBC 6222083500000528581, account name; Zhao Yanfang.

1450125645@qq.com 5. Please send photos in electronic version to: 1450125645@qq.com

6, need to apply for a replacement level card and membership card one week before the competition to the Harbin Taekwondo Association, not during the competition.
7. Address: No. 4-4 Nanzhi Road, Xiangfang District, Harbin City, 1313, Unit 1 of the Pearl Apartment. Harbin Taekwondo Association. Postcode: 150030 Contact person: Jiang Liqing

Phone: 18945002570 18945002560

(B) Registration: All teams are required to report to the General Assembly for qualification review before 18:00 on January 17, 2019. The team leader or coach should bring the athlete's membership certificate, grade certificate or segment certificate.

(3) The on-site guidance coaches must enter the pre-match technical meeting in this competition, and they must wear sportswear and shoes to enter the field.
(4) Participating athletes are required to provide participants' health certificates and safety agreements when they report; in the event of a major accident, the organizing committee will take corresponding first-aid measures, but shall be exempted.

(5) When athletes weigh and enter the competition, they must hold the China Taekwondo Association Member Pass or the Probationary Pass in order to register for the competition.

(6) Appeals: When an athlete has any objection to the result of the game, the team leader or coach will submit a written appeal to the arbitration committee within 10 minutes after the end of the game (the content will not be accepted) and pay the appeal fee. 1,000 yuan, the arbitration commission will give a final award within 30 minutes. The appeal fee will be refunded 50% for the winning case, and the appeal fee will not be refunded for the losing case.

(7) Each participating team must pay 1000 yuan in security deposit for the competition.

Twelve, funding
(1) The board and lodging are not unified.

每个参赛运动员单项报名费300元,每加一项每人加100元、跆拳舞500元、团体品势、团体竞技300元,以弥补赛会经费的不足; (2) A single entry fee of 300 yuan for each participating athlete, plus 100 yuan for each additional entry, 500 yuan for taekwondo, 300 yuan for team performance, and team competition to make up for the lack of funds for the competition;

(3) Each group of champions will pay an additional participation fee of 100 yuan to participate in the Wang Zhongwang competition, which will be collected on site. The first place in this group does not participate, and the second place can replace it.

每个参赛运动员须交保险费20元,组委会统一办理跆拳道比赛专项保险。 (4) Each participating athlete must pay an insurance fee of 20 yuan, and the organizing committee will uniformly handle special insurance for Taekwondo competitions.

(5) The registration fee will be charged according to the number of people after the online registration is closed.
Relevant regulations:

According to the rules of the Chinese Taekwondo Association, the athletes participating in this competition must be individual members of the Chinese Taekwondo Association and hold a certificate of grade, grade or grade issued by the Chinese Taekwondo Association in order to participate. Each participating team is required to complete the admission procedures in advance. If falsification is found in order to make a big hit, the total score of the group and the selection of outstanding groups will be cancelled.

nnmarket.cn For membership, please visit the website of Harbin Taekwondo Association: nnmarket.cn

WeChat platform: HTA2008-08 or call 18945002570 18945002560
14. Any unfinished matters shall be notified by the organizer separately.

The competition group has been established, please add 13030003080 to participate in the competition

月15日前报名,赠比赛纪念棉帽一顶。 Register before December 15th and present a commemorative cotton hat. Overdue will no longer be given away, because the production time will be one month.

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